Back from Cuba!

Cuba is more than cigars, music and fun! Cuba is a country in transition; politically, economically and culturally!
Since the fall of the Soviet Union and the historical embargoes placed in Cuba, by the U.S., Cuba has remained stagnant and is in need of reform.

Currently, the Cuban government is intimidated by the overwhelming response to the U.S. Government opening relations; a fear that commercialism will threaten their culture. In addition, the Cubans know that they are unable to accommodate an additional 2 million visitors a year. Their infrastructure is not ready!
Cuba is however, rich in its arts and cultural heritage. Their people are highly educated, although they work in the service industry vs the field they trained in professionally. However most Cubans are paid 20 CUC’s a month ( around 17 U.S. dollars). They are provided a home and food by the government. Internet service is limited in Cuba; (you can buy an internet card for an hour at 6-8 CUC) and cell phones calls cost around .35 cents a minute!

Cuba has many historical sites to see, beaches, art work, museums, ballet, Cuban music venues and fabulous private restaurants!

Cubans are happy people, welcoming and open to new beginnings!
Visit Cuba Now before another historic event occurs– modern tourism! Contact me at / 646-647-4677.





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