Packing for Cuba

$$ SAVE 50.00 !!!!

With all the additional charges for check in luggage it’s important to be efficient when traveling! Ladies, You can pack everything listed below in a 21” roller bag !

7 day trip to Cuba, or any Island, bring:
Bring 2 shorts / bottoms
2 pair of pants
7 shirts/ tops
7 undergarments
1 dresse
Light jacket
2-3 pairs of shoes, (one walking shoe daytime and evening, a pair of sandals)
Bathing suit (1) and cover up
Small fold up excursion bag for water, suntan lotion & personals
Suntan lotion block and creams
Hairbrush / toothbrush and toothpaste

In your personal tote:
Jewelry (do not take good jewelry – use costume!)
Book to read or kindle or ipad with chargers

Carry your regular purse!
DONE! No extra charges!!!


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